For over 40 years, teenagers originating from all over the world have been coming to Quebec City to learn French with us.Don’t miss the best summer of your life!


French Summer Program


Overview 1

When does the program take place?

From June 30th to August 2nd 2019 (5-weeks stay)

All students arrive on Sunday June 30th and classes start the following day with an oral placement test. The final exam is on the morning of August 1st followed by a farewell gala. Then, students leave on August 2nd. The check-out hour is 10 am. We offer the possibility to participate to a 4-weeks stay program (international or independent students). The arrival for these students is on June 30th and the departure on Friday, July 26th (check-out 10am).

Where is the program held?

The whole program is held on the beautiful campus of “Université Laval” which is located a 10 minute bus ride from Old Quebec.

Overview 2

What do students do during the program?

Weekday mornings, students will learn and practice French in their classes with an experienced team of teachers. Three times a week, they spend the afternoon in a workshop of their choice with a dedicated team of monitors.

For the rest of the time, there is a combination of trips, games, themed dances, exciting excursions, free time, movies and much more!

Overview 3

Who can participate in this program?

En français à Québec gathers around 400 students from all over the world, aged between 14 and 17 years old. We are happy to welcome different student profiles:

International students (25%): They come from different countries like the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Italy, etc.

Canadian Students: We have three different profiles of students:

  • Explore students (45%): They receive a bursary from the Canadian government in order to learn French in Quebec.
  • Level 1 students from Newfoundland and Labrador (30%): They receive a bursary from the government of their province to participate in the program. They stay 4 weeks instead of 5.
  • Independent students: Canadian students who are not eligible for a Bursary are always welcome in the program!
Overview 4

Why is the program offered by Collège Saint-Charles-Garnier the best choice?

The program En français à Québec has been offered by the Collège for more than 40 years. This gives us a solid experience. The program is also accredited by the Canadian government which ensures you of a standard of quality.

The program is perfectly located in Québec City, famous among French learners. First of all, because it is the oldest French speaking city in North America. Secondly, it is reputed for its efforts to preserve the language and the open mind of its inhabitants.

Finally, Québec is a very exciting place to be in the summer.

How do we get enrolled in the program?

Registration for summer 2019 is available. There are few spots left, Register NOW!

The registration is very easy and is completed in 2 easy steps:

• Online registration
• Mailing of the required documents

Register Now!  Contact us

French Summer Program

For over 40 years, teenagers originating from all over the world have been coming to Quebec City to learn French with us.
Don’t miss the best summer of your life!



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